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As The Chosen Games family, we would like to congratulate and thank Mustafa Asım "Awesome" Yaylakaşı for finishing the game first also for sharing his experience and feedbacks to make our game more enjoyable. As promised, for finishing the game and contancting to us first, he claimed his Sid Meier’s Civilization VI reward!


We are happy to announce you that our first game Shapeter has been published on Google Play for Android devices! After some visual updates the game is ready for you to play. There is also a surprise for you, the first person who finishes all the levels and unlock the hidden button will recieve Sid Meier’s Civilization VI! Download it from here now!

You can find changes and news (or maybe announcements to work with The Chosen Games team) about our games. We are new in game industry and web development is new to us. That's why our homepage is quite empty for now. As we continue to do more games & learn more things about web development, more content you will be able to see here. Currently we plan to release our first game on both iOS & Android. On the other hand we will open member registry for website. This way you will be able to join us, play, criticize and even test our games. Meanwhile you can contact us anytime you want from our E-mail address:

-sincerely from developers